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When I had the diagnosis breast cancer, I was totally fit. I wouldn’t have dreamt of desease. Most of the time I was in the mountains or riding bike with my husband.
After the usual routine examination I was told that mammography and sonography unfortunately revealed uncertain results. As a precaution, I was told to have procured a tissue sample by quick section in hospital.
Then the unexpected diagnosis “breast cancer”! It was August 18th 1997, I am never going to forget that day.
Many times I have heard the expression “to fall into a deep well”, suddenly I knew exactly what it means. I only had one thought: “I have cancer!” The word itself scared me and then there was the uncertainty: “How to go on?”
My husband and my son helped me a lot and I recovered myself soon. It was decided to make a breast saving surgery with removal of some lymph nodes. I came well through surgery, I was lucky the lymph nodes were not affected. Then followed the horrible time of fearfully waiting for the result. The result which my doctor then told me was: a lobular in situ carcinoma bigger than what was removed. I didn’t know what this diagnosis meant. But the explanation was: My whole breast had to be removed. What a shock! The evening before my second surgery the last look in the mirror with the thoughts “Today I still look like this and tomorrow!!!!!!” It was time to say good bye. My breast was small, I always wanted a larger one, but I apologized and would have been glad to keep my breast. The following months I drew strength from nature. My husband has always stood by me and the fear of cancer has gradually faded.

Today I feel good, I’m alive and I’m grateful for that. I live more consciously, I’m satisfied, I’m pleased with little things and I see many things through different eyes. Because I know it can change quickly.

I would like to encourage every affected woman, the first time is hard, but it is worth fighting and regain joy of living. First of all, there is a big selection in comfortable breast prostheses and bras now

– Really for every occasion.  Looking into the mirror today, I think: “That looks great, nobody will notice, I feel good!”

So life is worth living again. My mother has had breast cancer 5 years before me. Her principle was: “Just when you are thinking, things are as bad as can be, a little light appears somewhere!”

birgitWhen I had the diagnosis cancer, it was a big shock and a big fright – for the whole family. “So now it is also me.”

My first thought was: My kids are already grown up, they will get along alone and that was a little comforting.

Fortunately, I was able to cope well with the treatments, which were even more stressing back in 1992. I was always looking forward and never for a moment did I think of giving up. I truly believed I would weather all that well. That was true after all.

It was very important for me to get to inner silence and a total break, a withdrawal from everything.That way I was also able to weather all the treatments in 1996 and 2002, always with a positive and hopeful look forward. Having a family standing by me was and still is very comforting. This withdrawal, so important for me, sometimes was not easy to understand for people, but it was existentially necessary for me.
Meanwhile 10 years have passed since my last affection and I can look positive into the future. (How many people are in that position?? How much pain is there in this world! I think that the disease cancer is not the worst thing!)
I try to enjoy every day relaxed and with lots of joy if possible and to be pleased with the little things. That is what is giving me strength.
Of course, I always listen to my body and sometimes, when I don’t feel good, the concern of a new relapse returns.

The way to heaven is far and paved with many stones. Everybody tries to master the way to peace and luck his way, even if it is not always easy.

kirstinI am 46 years old and I live in Winsen/Luhe with my husband and our 2 kids (14 and 17 years old) and our 2 Dalmatians. I had the second breast cancer diagnosis in 2011.

Again, we had to rearrange our lives. My philosophy of life helped me: “Laugh every day”! I am a very open-minded and positive person and I can manage at least one “smile” even on bad days. Thanks to ABC I was allowed to meet many kind people who enriched my life! Looking for new challenges, I achieved the golden sports badge this summer. I am proud to be so fit again and would like to thank my family for the great support.
I can only tell every affected women to seize every moment and live intensively. I will not come back again. There’s always a door that will be opened somewhere. Sometimes you only have to change the direction or the point of view…
In this spirit I wish all the best to the affected women.

ursulaFirst off: This year, too, I am going to fly to Florida and enjoy sunny November there for 4 weeks. That this is possible, I wouldn’t have thought almost one year ago. Like every year in the past 10 years I fly to Florida on vacation at the end of October and like every year we had the same apartment directly by the Gulf of Mexico. Immediately, after 3 wonderful days, I noticed a change of my skin on my right breast when having a shower. Somehow I knew at once that this is nothing good.  I had everything tested right away in America and the diagnosis breast cancer was nearly sure. Phone calls with my doctors in Germany and the good advice of the doctors on-site have strengthened me not to interrupt my vacation. I still had 3 wonderful weeks, I was fishing with my husband and our son on a boat for the first time (according to the principle, who knows if I will experience that again). I catched a huge fish!

Back home in Germany a biopsy was taken and after the result we had already expected I had surgery already 5 days later. I was lucky, there were no further metastases, but I had two subsequent surgeries.  The last surgery was 4th December 2012, I have started working again in the middle of January – I wanted my life back.
Looking back, this was the best decision, my family, my colleagues and all friends were wonderful and helped me through the time of radiotherapy and recovery.
Today, I can say that not everything is still as it was before, but some things are even better!

Thanks to the nice ladies of ABC Breastcare and the wonderful prostheses and bras nobody can see the disease and thanks to the disease I started to more take care of myself and less for everything else. I am active in sports again and east healthy. I can leave things undone sometimes because – tomorrow is another day