Reimbursement insurance company

Please note that health insurance refunds may vary from state to state and insurance company to insurance company. We recommend to talk with your insurance company personally. Your health care supply store also supports you and takes care of all the formalities of quotes and enquiries for you. Hint: You will need a prescription from your doctor for both breast prosthesis, shaper and special bra. :

Hospital supply

While still in hospital, you will get a light weight first form (made of foam, for the first 6 weeks after surgery). Usually your health insurance will cover it by 100%.In addition, a subsidy will be granted for a post-surgical bra or a compression bandage.

Basic equipment

1 silicone prosthesis (full prosthesis after breast mastectomy) or 1 silicone shaper after breast preserving surgery.Subsidy for 2 special bras. The amount of the subsidy varies from company to company. Please ask your insurance company.

Refund – annually

With prescription subsidy for 2 special bras.

Refund – every 2 years

1 silicone breast form or silicone shaper.Depending on the insurance company a subsidy for special swim suit is possible.Hint: if you experience significant weight loss or gain and a new size is required, you can receive a new prescription of your doctor.